BlueStacks Alternatives for Windows 10/7 & Mac

what are Android Emulators? An android emulator allows you to use android applications in either a Windows PC or a Mac. Bluestacks is hence one of those android emulators available in the market today. However, due to problems encountered while using this kind of android emulator, then Bluestacks has alternatives for Windows and Mac. Some of these problems include; the size of your PC might be too small to accommodate BlueStacks; the windows performance might be too slow; and other errors that come up depending on the functionality of your device.

The most important thing about android emulators is their role to ease the download and installation of android applications in your device. Without them, download and installation of android applications is impossible or rather requires a long process.

There are hence several alternatives to BlueStacks that would actually perform the same way as BlueStacks does. Although BlueStacks is considered to work efficiently, it doesn’t really perform well in some Windows PC; especially clue to the reasons stated earlier. It is important to get detailed information of the best available android emulators so as to make the best choice for your device. The following would play a big role in making you understand the various available alternatives to BlueStacks. Without much ado, let’s get to the detailed explanations of each one of them. Here we go!

1. YouWave Android Emulator.

This is among the best BlueStacks alternative for Windows and Mac. It hence functions at its best when installed in those computer devices with a Windows XP and Windows 8.1 — including 32-bit and 64-bit. YouWave android emulator contains a built-in app store that allows you to install several android applications in your Windows PC. Moreover, it gives you the chance to play multiple games in your PC. In order to have a test of this magnificent android emulator, you are given the chance to use it without any charges for the first few days, after which you pay for the services.

2. Genymotion.

This is another alternative to BlueStacks android emulator which is available for both Windows and Mac. Genymotion enables you to use different plugins for eclipse and android studio. The most unique thing about this android emulator is its ability to enable you create your own android application and test them. It also allows you to play android games. Apart from that, it has more than 3000 android configurations, which allows you to test your applications.

3. Andy Android Emulator.

This is good for Windows and Mac small storage space. It is easy to use and fast in opening android application. Its additional features enable you to perform other extra functions which are impossible with only an android smartphone. Its unique functionality is its ability to access file manager in your device. Also, it is able to receive notifications of your android device. This is the kind of an android emulator that does almost everything for you, without putting in much effort.

4. Nox App Player.

This is still another alternative to BlueStacks. It is the one which creates the Virtual Android Operating system on your windows PC. Also, it is used in testing android applications once they are created. Nox App player can be installed in all the versions of windows; from windows 7 to windows 10. It is a solution to the storage and RAM problem of your device. Just like other android emulators, it allows you to play android games on big screens. This kind of android emulator comes with Google Play Store — which eases the download and installation of android applications. Its unique functions include: the shaking functionality, full screen enabling, voice control and enabling the use of the camera.

5. Android X 86.

This is the android emulator behind the functioning of the tools visible in the desktop. It contains a whole package of features such as the Kernel support, Mouse Wheel, Sensor, among others. Apart from that, it also supports GUI and Bluetooth functions. It still supports android games applications like any other android emulator does. Hence, it is among the best functioning android emulators for your Windows PC or Mac.

In conclusion, having the best android emulator in your device gives you the best experience with your Windows PC. Hence, having one of the above could save you the long procedures and time required to install a single application.