Get Bluestacks Offline Installer (Rooted) for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC

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Recently I lost my Android smartphone. I was utterly devastated, but then again, an idea struck me. The only tech asset within my reach was a Windows computer. What if there was a way I could make the computer play a double role? Transfer my Android’s system into it. I queried the internet, and luckily, I came across a program so powerful and handy for my situation called Bluestacks App Player.

So, what is Bluestacks? How does it work? Is it a tool worth the hustle and a means to an end- an Android end? Well, this article will answer those questions and Inure. We shall first introduce the official non-rooted Bluestacks and then delve intricately into features and advantages of the rooted and modded version. You shall subsequently find out where to download both and lastly,how to install and use them. Let’s begin.

Technology grows quicker than a wildfire, burning along old techniques replacing them with innovative, advanced, and superbly brilliant ones. Such is the fate of state-of-the-art app; Bluestacks. It is a program tested and approved installable and functional on Windows 7 and the ensuant releases.

It emulates the Android system allowing users to smoothly use any app, game or functionality limited to an Android phone. It comes with basic applications such as Contacts’ Manager, Dialer, App market (Google Play Store) and much more.

Probably you are wondering, why ditch my smartphone-managed Android system only to use it later in a Windows environment? To answer that, take a look at the features and advantages a rooted version of Bluestacks, promises:

1. It is free — Let’s admit it; it is not every day that you come across generosity leveling that of Bluestacks’ developers. It is like acquiring an Android smartphone for free.

2. User-friendly interface — Contrary to the expectation of many, Bluestacks is flawless, and guarantees user experience equal to that of smartphone managed Android system.

3. Zero compatibility issues with host system — Thanks to the ingenuity applied in its functionality design, this program requires less configuration, as it utilizes host’s graphics, memory, and processing power. Therefore, if your machine is powerful enough, you can enjoy high-end games with zero chills.

4. Effortless sharing between host and guest system — There is an inbuilt app in Bluestacks which lets you access the rest of the files on your hard drive. You can thus easily transfer music, videos and other files from Windows and use them in the emulator.

5. Adventurers’ playground — if you are enthusiastic about penetration testing and system vulnerability analysis, you can use Bluestacks to quench your venture. This program makes features and apps you would find in an Android system available, therefore, making the attack easy and safe.

6. Access to Google Play Store — The program allows you to sign in using your Google account and install applications of your choice from the app market, and use them.

7. Ability to block ads — Nothing is as annoying and deadly as an intrusive ad capable of stealing data The rooted version allows you to install and run your favorite ad-block apps comfortably.

8. Emulation environment — If you are an Android app developer, of course, you will require an environment you can test and run your applications before releasing them out there. Bluestacks is hard to beat for this

How to download and install Bluestacks

There are two flavors of this program: A Rooted and Non-rooted version. The non-rooted version limits users’ privileges, allowing them little or no system modification. However, the rooted version is the mother of all It not only permits access to basic Android applications but also grants a prerogative to manage core system apps and features improving overall user experience. Although both versions can be downloaded using an online installer, they will require you to have a steady internet connection during the installation process. Therefore, we recommend that you download an offline installer instead. Once the download finalizes, no internet connection is required to commence and sustain the installation.

Download offline installer of the modded/rooted Bluestacks here  Official Bluestacks here 

Remember, both versions cannot run simultaneously. Therefore, uninstall one if you wish to switch to the other.

Installation steps (applicable to both)

1. Find the downloaded installer file (.msi) from the Download folder on your hard disk. Double click it, then accept User Account Control to begin execution.

2. Meticulously follow the installation guide that peps up on your screen tapping Next where applicable.

3. Choose your installation folder. (You can opt to keep backup data if you are switching versions.)

4. Wait patiently as the installer sets up the program for you. Once installation finishes, the software can now be run and Android apps downloaded from its App Store.

Post Installation Instructions

1. Remember to install Superuser permission manager app to control root permissions.

2. Import contacts in Vcalendar Format from your Hard Disk using Manage Contact setting in Bluestacks.

3. Finally, be prudent not to damage your host’s system resources using the emulator.

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